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The magic flute

"All Indigenous Peoples regard the flute as a sacred object considered a link between the realm of the soul and Nature. It is the unseen voice that sings the beauty of existence. Its melody mimics the flicker of fire; it is the rippling water of rivers and lakes, the force of the wind that wisps the grassy meadows and leaf tipped boughs of trees rising from the ground. Its sound floats through the air and reaches the stars. It has the ability to evoke the sacredness of silence and leads to a contact with the immaterial nature of existence. An experience that according to the druids is able to awaken the inner spiritual power of individuals and to shed knowledge on the myth of the Graal."


The ancient Druidic Music of the Void

The Music of the Void, "Nah-Sinnar" according to the ancient language of Druidic shamanism, has been revived by Giancarlo Barbadoro according to the teachings received from the Druid community of Paimpont, in the Forest of Brocéliande in Brittany, and is interpreted via flute and keyboards.
The Nah-Sinnar is the meditation music of ancient European Druidism, intimately linked to the concept of "Shan".
"Shan" is the name that the ancient Druids gave to Nature, understood as the existence in its true and immaterial aspect, custodian of a great cosmic mystery. An experiential archetype, common to all Indigenous Peoples, which stands for knowledge, evolution, spirituality and well-being, beyond any dogmatism.
This archetype is based on the experience of Silence, the dimension in which the true aspect of Nature is revealed. The harmony and knowledge solicited by this dimension can be experienced first-hand.
All Indigenous Peoples hold dear a mystical path based on silence that, to unveil the most hidden potential, is implemented through the experience of meditation, understood as a manner of being, an ecospiritual stance of inner balance of the individual who develops a creative and harmonious relationship with nature.
Among the ancient druids, meditation involved the use of a particular music, Nah-Sinnar, which was a catalyst able to guide a simple experience of wellbeing and inner knowledge.


Albums of Giancarlo Barbadoro

* The New Album *
Giancarlo Barbadoro

The ancient music speaks to the deep silencing bone and thought to recall the Mystery. It guides the journey of the Shaman unveiling the path that leads to the center of all. The invisible center of a Medicine wheel. That no eye can see yet gives form to its substance. The Shaman reaches the center. On the threshold of the Void. And immerges into the mystic Mystery of own. Peace. The Vision for own needs are the rewards of the journey. At the source of life in the blinding light of eternal day. Then the sound calls to the world anew, comforted and appeased the Shaman resumes the path set out along the winding river that awaits.

Giancarlo Barbadoro & LabGraal

The flute of Giancarlo Barbadoro tells a story: the story of a wayfarer who seeks freedom and finds it in a rapport with Nature towards the immateriality of the Void.
"The Green Path" is the path that leads into the mystery of existence and the steps along the journey. From the exceptional nature of birth to the unknown that come with death, within a bracket of mystery that permeates existence as a whole.
This is the path of the meditator who in the wake of the natural archetype of evolution develops, either in posture or in dance, the journey that leads from daily routine to inner Vision.

Giancarlo Barbadoro

Ancient Druidism believed that the origin of the universe was determined by a primordial sound produced by the scream of an ancestral dragon as its first act of existence. The vibratory extension of this sound supposedly created space and time and gave rise to matter and life through the ripples of its undulatory redundancies that crossed the infinite realm of existence.  Druidic and shamanic music has its roots in myth, ancient music with extremely specific properties that lead to poetic insights on the mystery of the cosmos. Through modern instruments, Giancarlo Barbadoro renews the ancient sounds of the Music of the Void, the Nah-Sinnar, a music that acts as catalyst in the practice of meditation for a simpler approach to easily achieve a state of Bien-être, otherwise known as well-being.

(Giancarlo Barbadoro & Luca Colarelli)

The magic forest of Brocéliande
in the encounter
between flute and harp


(Giancarlo Barbadoro & Luca Colarelli)

The flute of Giancarlo Barbadoro and harp of Luca Colarelli in an intimate way, from the Celtic world to Aboriginal magic


(Giancarlo Barbadoro & Rosalba Nattero)

Giancarlo Barbadoro
and Rosalba Nattero express their musical experience
lived at the Navajo of Arizona


Giancarlo Barbadoro

From the archaic sounds of ancient shamanism. Giancarlo Barbadoro outlines a musical path for an experience of sacred dance



Giancarlo Barbadoro

Experiences of Nah-Sinnar, the "Music of the Void" ancient Druidism, for a workshop on personal meditation

Giancarlo Barbadoro

Insights for a New Earth
and intimate contact with
Gaia, our planet

Giancarlo Barbadoro

The Music of the Void is intimately linked to crystals,
the gifts of Mother Earth,
and their untapped powers

Giancarlo Barbadoro

Music for meditation to respond to the call of Transcendence





Album with LabGraal

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